Can I Use Voucher Top-Up?

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Telecom uses a voucher management system (VMS) which initially stacks numbers in pending state with time duration. The number is changed to an expired state as soon as the voucher is appliedVMS communication is done using SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) from your Mobile.

Talk Home mobile allows you to add a voucher card to your account or send credit directly to a friend or family member's account. This is a convenient way of transferring credit without applying the voucher to your account.

What is a Top-up Voucher?

When you want to top up the account balance of your Talk Home mobile account, you can do this by purchasing credit at a supermarket or kiosk. The kiosk or store clerk will give you a top-up voucher containing a top-up voucher code. This code allows you to top up the credit of your account using the instructions as provided by Talk Home.

Printed top-up Voucher Disadvantages

Everything that is printed can be easily lost. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of your printed top-up voucher. Any accident can happen to such a small top-up voucher. You might throw it in the trash, mistaking it for a receipt, or the ink can spoil because of the rain or the fact you left the voucher in your pockets when washing your clothes.

The Solution Is to Buy a Top-up Voucher Online

Nowadays, almost anything can be bought online. This includes top-up vouchers—no more trips to your kiosk or local supermarket. Just turn on your computer, tablet, or get your phone out of your pocket. With Talk Home mobile, you can buy your top-up voucher online using these simple steps. These are shown below.
1. Go to and select your preferred voucher; 
2. Enter your email address, then select a payment method; 
3. Check your order, go to checkout and proceed to payment; 
4. After a successful payment, your code is instantly delivered; 
5. You can now top up your account with the provided instructions.

Enter the following number on your Talk Home Mobile *123* <YourVoucherNumber># 

To credit your voucher via our Customer Services, Dial 579 on your keypad. If you are calling internationally, dial +44 7973 102 579 

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