Why is My Data Slow?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2022 at 01:30 PM

Talk Home Mobile runs on the EE network, offering the most comprehensive coverage and the most robust data speeds across the UK. So, you should get seamless data coverage throughout the UK. But if you’re feeling your data is running slow consistently, there can be one of the following reasons.  

Handset Issues

Some of the most common handset fixes to improve your data speeds include: 

  • Restarting your phone 
  • Freeing up your memory by clearing cache 
  • Deleting unused apps 
  • Updating the apps, especially the internet browsers you use to surf the internet 
  • Updating the operating system of your device 
  • Resetting your phone’s network settings 
  • Disabling data saver or low data mode on your handset (Google on how to do so for your specific device) 
  • Disabling your VPN, because VPNs are known to slow down your data speeds significantly 
  • Removing and reinserting your SIM card into your phone

SIM Status

You can also experience lags in data speeds due to your SIM status.

Check if your SIM is on 3G or 4G. If your SIM is on 3G, you need to get a 4G SIM. All Talk Home Mobile SIMs produced after 2018 are 4G enabled by default. If yours is not on 4G, you need to get hold of a new SIM card. So, contact Talk Home Mobile customer services to proceed further.

Coverage Issues

As mentioned earlier, Talk Home Mobile relies on the EE network infrastructure, rendering the best quality coverage to its users across the UK. Sometimes, you might face low coverage issues temporarily due to a host of factors, which resolves quickly.

However, if you think you’re facing low coverage issues consistently, you can always contact our customer services at cs-mobile@talkhome.co.uk. Our courteous and knowledgeable customer services officers will guide you through appropriately.  



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