Talk Home Mobile: A guide to APN Settings.

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If your mobile data isn’t working but can still make calls and send texts, your access point name (APN) settings might be problematic.  

Pop over to your phone settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access point Names > Tap on Rest to default.  

If this doesn’t work, here’s how you can manually enter the APN. 

On Android 

Follow these steps to manually enter the APN on your Android phone.  

Open the settings on your device > Go to More > Mobile Networks > Go to Access Point Names (APN) > Add APN  

Name: EE internet 

APN: Everywhere 

Proxy: Not Required  

Port: Not Required 

Username: eesecure 

Password: secure 

Server: Not Required 

MMSC: http://mms/ 


MMS proxy: 

MMS Port: 8080 

MCC: 234 

MNC: 30 

Authentication type: Not Required/use the default value shown.  


Once done, SAVE the settings.  

After this, restart your phone, and send MMS to test if this worked for you.

On iPhone 

You can only edit your APN settings on your iPhone if your provider allows it.  

If it does, follow these simple steps to reset your APN.  

Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Network > Tap on Reset Settings.  



On Windows Phone 

To enter the APN manually, follow these simple steps:  

Go to settings > Network and wireless > Mobile + SIM > Tap on + to add an internet APN  

Enter the following information:  


Profile name: EE Internet 

APN: everywhere 

Username: eesecure 

Password: secure 

Proxy server: 

Proxy Port: 8080 

MMSC URL: http://mms/ 

Maximum MMS size: 1048576 

Tap on Save and Restart the device.

On Blackberry 

Go to Settings > Network Connections > Mobile Network > Choose APN > select mobile Plan Selector> Choose from Contract or Prepay and fill in the following fields. 


Access Point Name: everywhere 

Username: eesecure 

Password: secure 

Save these settings. 

Again, go to settings > Text messages > Go to advanced > Scroll through SMS settings and find APN settings.  

Fill in the following information: 

 APN: eezone 

Username: eesecure 

Password: secure 

MMSC Settings: 

MMSC URL: http://mms/ 

Proxy URL: 


Save and restart your phone. 

On Nokia 

Go to Menu > Configuration > Personal Settings > Choose Web. 

  • Account name > EE internet> Tap Ok 
  • Home Page > Fill in > Tap Ok  
  • Press use pref. acc. pt > Select No.  
  • Press access point settings > Bearer settings 
  • Select pack. data acc. Pt > Type everywhere > Ok  
  • Press username > type eesecure > Tap Ok 
  • Press Password > Secure > Tap Ok 

Press the back button three times. This will take you to the network list.  

  • Press and hold the name EE internet > press activate > Press the back button.  
  • Choose default configuration setting > Personal Configuration > Default > Press the back button to return to the home screen.  

On the home screen, find the menu option > Configuration> Personal Settings > Options > Add new > Multimedia settings.  

Fill in the following information to send multimedia messages.  

  • Account name: EE MMS 
  • Server Address: http://mms/ 
  • Access Point settings: Proxy > enable.  
  • Proxy address: 
  • Proxy port: 8080  
  • Bearer settings > pack. data acc. Pt > eezone 
  • User name: eesecure 
  • Password: secure  
Press the back button three times > Press and hold on EE MMS > Activate. 

To contact the Customer Services team, dial 579 from Talk Home Mobile or +44(0)330 993 7339 from any other network.

link will be sent to youOnce you open the link, a pop-up will ask you to install automatically install APNs settings on your mobile phone. Click Yes. APNs settings will be automatically set up. Your APNs network settings are now complete. 

If you need any other information, check out our website 

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